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The Second Kira

Even pretty girls hide ugly secrets

The Official Second Kira Community
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Collective insights on Death Note's misunderstood beauty

"Use me and dispose me when you're done..and then maybe you'll love me then.."

About the community
++Misa Amane plays the role of the second kira in the manga/anime series "Death Note." She is a very extreme character that is normally viewed as a dumb blonde who is useless and mediocre. This community is devoted to the unexplored depth and importance of her character. Erika Toda played her well in the movie and that is why I was inspired to make this community.

++There are Misa fans out there and I would like to say that you are welcome to share your views and insights about her. If you are a devoted fan of Ms. Amane then you must be captivated with her looks, tragic past and her undying (though somehow perplexing) love for Light Yagami. You may also believe that she is often misunderstood and her strong determination to be loved is admirable. Most of the time she makes a lot of foul choices (including her will to be exploited by a mass murderer) but her story touches us deeply because we could somehow relate to her.

++She is often mistaken to possess stupidity or naivety. Although she's so beautiful and shows signs of being very intelligent, she clearly has very low self-esteem. It's interesting that she's a model because that's an industry with a huge amount of pressure...it's also one where you're by nature used for your appearance. It's so sad! For someone to have such a HUGE desire to be loved by someone (possibly connected with her parents murder/low self-esteem connected with her appearance?) that they make themselves believe that someone like Light (who clearly uses her) actually loves them.

Rules to spread Misa love
1.) Through the course of this journal, you are free to post icons, banners, devianart drawings, videos, fanfics and so on. If you will post the following, remember to use lj-cuts.

2.) Just remember that this is all about Misa and although I do encourage talk about other death note characters, keep in mind what this community is all about.

3.) HET WINS HERE, DAMMIT! LightxMisa and LxMisa materials are encouraged. As well as any crack pairings. I'm shipping NearMisa myself I shouldn't have been mentioning that here in the profile MattMisa, MelloMisa and hell, even BMisa and RyukMisa are welcome. Yuri is love-love too! [KiyomiMisa, NaomiMisa, SayuMisa, RemMisa, WeddyMisa...SachikoMisa(?)]

And yes, SPK and NPA members can be paired to Misa-Misa too.

4.) Please converse with fellow fans as often as you could. Respect is the key. We all know etiquette. Random topics about anything Misa-related would be pleasurable because we can all be high together as Misa-Misa fanatics Interaction is basic!

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Thank you for joining this group and have a good day! Let us all love the yuminess that is Misa-Misa!
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